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Transmission Line Trainer

Transmission Line Trainer (AE 446 )

Technical Specifications

Transmission line: Co-axial cable 100m (25mx4) Impedance Matching

Resistance:- 0-100W 2 nos. Test Generators:- 1. Sine Wave 4 KHz 4MHz 2. Square Wave 40 KHz 4 MHz * Interconnections: 4 mm banana socket

Test Points: 10

Power Supply: 220 Volt 10%, 50Hz

Power Consumption:- 3 VA approx.

Accessories: Mains Cord, Set of Patch cord, Manuals, BNC BNC cable, BNC Crocodile clip, Multimedia interactive computer based training manual & software.

Measurement with: (i) Matched (ii) Short (iii)Open end of the line

(a) Measurement of line properties, Line attenuation, Freq characteristics of line, Input Impedance. (b) Measurement of stationery waves (c) Phase shift along the line (d) fault localization within the line (e) Line in pulsed condition.

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