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Electronic Components Display Boards (AE 850)

Series Electronic Component Display Boards have been designed specifically to study different types of Resistors, Potentiometers, Capacitors, Switches, Band switches, Diodes, Transistors, Semi-conductor devices, Cables, Connectors, Relays, Transformers and Different IC’s.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students.

  • Board Size 350 X 400mm, using bakelite sheet for better safety, rigidness and contrast.
  • Symbolic representation of Components.
  • Actual components mounted right across the place.
  • Board fixed on wooden frame.
  • Individual working without direct teacher supervision.
  • Stimulates independent student activity.


Study Of Different Resistors & Colour Coding (AE 851)

CarbonResistors1/4,1/2,1&2Watt of different tolerances, Metal Film Resistors 1/4, Watt, High Precision, Wire Wound Resistors of different types with complete theory description. Total 20 Resistors.


Study Of Different Potentiometer (AE 852)

Vertical Preset, Horizontal preset, Carbon linear, Carbon log, Carbon ganged (Dual) Multi-turn Horizontal Trimpot, Vertical Trimpot, Cermet, Sliding and wire wound pot with complete theory, description. Total 10 pots.

Study Of Different Capacitors & Colour Coding (AE 853)

Ceramic disc, Mica button, Tantalum radial, Tantalum axial, Non-electrolytic disc, Electrolytic Radial, Polyster foil, Styroflex, Ceramic Tabular paper, Metalised Polyster, Metalised Poly-Carbonate, Metalised Poly - proplyene, Metalised film, Trimmer and Gang Condenser with theory and description. Total 16 Capacitors.


Study Of Different Switches (AE 854)

PUSH to ‘ON’, PUSH to ‘OFF’, Slide, Key Board, DIP Switch, Leaf Switch, SPST Toggle, Miniature DPDT Toggle, Rocker and Rotary Thumb wheel with complete theory and description. Total 13 Switches.


Study of Different Band switches (AE 855 )

I Pole 11 Way ,2 Pole 5 way, 4 Pole 3 Way  for Radio etc.

1 Pole 11 way miniature and 2 Pole 5 Way Miniature,6

pole 3 Way for transistors Mega type Band Switches with complete theory and description. Total 7 Band Switches.


Study Of Different Diodes (AE 856)

Silicon detector, Silicon rectifier, Bridge rectifier, Germanium diode, Hot Carrier diode, Power diode, Varactor diode, Photo diode, Trigger Diode and Zener diode with complete theory and description. Total 10 diodes.


Study Of Different Transistors (AE 857)

A small signal, IF/RF Amplifier, High speed switching Power, General purpose, All above are PNP & NPN both type, Matched pair, Darlington Pair, High Voltage, Photo transistor, UJT, FET and MOSFET. Total 19 transistors.


Study Of Different Wires & Cable (AE 858)

Study of Bare Copper, Cotton Cover, Enamelled Copper, PVC Insulation, Multiwire Flexible, Electrical Wire and Flat Cable,Transmission Cable, Wave Guide Rectangular and Single Fibre Cable.


Display Board On Different ICs (AE 859)

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